• June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White
  • June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White

June Stock : Avalon Nano 3 (Official PSU included)- Black/White

140W max, 4T
3 mining modes
Change pool as you want including SOLO pool!
Plug and mine immediately, supported by Braiins.
Accepting reservations currently , have small amount of April futures.
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About Avalon Nano 3:
1.Color selection is random by default. If you want to select the specific color, please leave your order code to our telegram/E-Mail, or contact us through website message.
2. Attention: Avalon Nano 3 will start shipment in February 2024

Avalon Nano 3 is a portable small heater that can generate Bitcoin. It is developed and produced by the NASDAQ-listed company Canaan Inc. and belongs to the Avalon product line.

Think about all our confusion during winter: fresh steaming tea cools down in a minute; got cold hands and feet in front of the computer all the time, staring at the ceiling before going to bed and feeling like lacking of warm vibes. Well, guess what? With Avalon Nano 3, all the troubles in winter are readily solved, and you can obtain a warm and unique little world of your own. Not to mention, the best part is the continuous BTC revenue during this process! Feeling unbelievable? This is Avalon Nano 3!

Stretch your cold fist

$0.12/day is all you need

Plug, heat, and earn $0.3 each day

This is Avalon Nano 3

*based on the avg US residential electricity price


*Power Consumption
Avalon Nano 3 can go up to 140W under high mode for extra warmth. It consumes around 100W under medium mode and less than 65W under low mode.

Backers can purchase different models of PSU themselves. 65W, 100W, and 140W are all compatible with Avalon Nano 3. Please note that PSU with 100W only supports medium mode and low mode, while 65W only supports low mode.

Avalon Nano 3 is available in two colors, Black and White. After selecting the perks, there is an option to choose the color.

Each Avalon Nano 3 will have the stratum URL of the Braiins pool configured, including the username. Once you receive it and connect to the internet, it will start mining immediately on the provided Braiins Pool endpoint under the configured username.
  1. You can withdraw mining profits via Lightning Network from within the pool UX
  2. Instant withdrawal via QR code
  3. Clients without opened channels and inbound liquidity can use custodial wallets to get payout without fee; clients with opened channels and inbound liquidity can withdraw to any wallet supporting lightning
  4. Low limits on withdrawal 1,000 sats
  5. No fees are charged by Braiins Pool for withdrawal
  6. 0.5% pool fee for the first 500 accounts; 2.5% for additional accounts

As blockchain technology matures, blockchain has begun to show its prominence in anti-counterfeiting traceability, supply chain management, and data sharing. Decentralization is unstoppable and has become one of the trends in global development. As the creator of the world's first ASIC miner, Canaan Inc. has been firmly on this path. We want more people to understand Bitcoin and enjoy the convenience that Bitcoin brings us.

However, as miners and enterprises worldwide continue to pursue computing power, the released heat energy has increased rapidly, causing considerable environmental pressure. We have been thinking about how to turn trash into treasure and what we should make unremitting efforts to do. This is where Avalon Nano 3 comes from.

From initial inspiration to final launch, a project involves countless nodes: machine production and assembly, quality control, logistics and transportation, and e-commerce operations. Every step is inseparable from the work dedication and effort of our employees.

Canaan Inc. has been established for ten years. We always believe quality is the most important. Predictably, the biggest challenge will be achieving the high-quality standards we have set for ourselves. Once potential issues that may affect product quality are discovered, we will spare no effort to make adjustments and changes to achieve our original commitment to provide qualified rewards for all the backers who support us generously. This may cause shipping delays and extend your time to receive your Avalon Nano 3. We promise to strictly review qualifications, cooperate with reliable raw material suppliers and logistics channels, and strive to avoid possible risks.

Frequently Asked Questions
When will I get my Avalon Nano 3?
The Avalon Nano 3 is set to arrive at customers' doorsteps in 2024/2, right on time for winter. Early-bird buyers will enjoy priority and receive their devices first.
Do you offer worldwide shipping?
We currently ship to the US, Canada, UK, EU, Russia, Norway, South Korea, Japan and several other countries. To check if we ship to your location, please attempt the checkout process. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact support@minerpals.com
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs vary depending on your location and will be displayed during the checkout process.
Should I expect any custom fees for orders?
You may be subject to additional customs fees, VAT, or GST, for which you will be responsible. We recommend checking with your local customs authorities for more information. However, we’ll do our best to minimize these costs for you during shipping.
How much energy does Avalon Nano consume?
In the normal mode, Avalon Nano 3 runs on computing power only, which is about 100 watts.
How much profit can I get?
You can earn $0.3 each day while the electricity price costs $0.12/day. (*based on the average US residential electricity price)
What kind of power supply do I need?
You can easily drive the Avalon Nano 3 with Type-C and a 100W power supply.
How do I use Avalon Nano 3?
You can manage it on the Avalon Remote App. We also pre-configured the mining pool with Brains, the first mining pool worldwide; customers only need to scan the QR code to register and check the profit. Customers can withdraw profits via Lightning Network from within pool UX.
Is Avalon Nano safe to have it running around children and pets?
Absolutely! The air outlet temperature is between 40-60, which is comfortable for them.
Can I get a discount if I purchase in bulk?
If you plan to order in bulk, please contact us via email at support@minerpals.com.
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Frequently Bought Together

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